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Circumambulations | Performance Art Piece
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Circumambulations 循环 | Performance Art 行为艺术


This piece “M2B4#3” was created by Niko de La Faye and presented by The Opposite House Hotel. It is now the property of the Beijing 2020 Olympic Expo.

Projection collaboration with Red Gate Gallery (Beijing)

'Circumambulations' is a performance created by Niko de La Fay to introduce the installation'Nature is all about circles, movement and harmony' presented at Opposite House (Beijing) from December 2019 until February 2020.
For twenty minutes human bodies and sculptures will compose one unite of particles continuously moving in space. Light will also be invited into this dance to offer its ballet of reflections and shadows.
This piece will be created with dancers Inko Di Ö, Chen & Liao Shuyi, and music producer Yang Wen Liang.

此件M2B4#3由Niko de La Faye创作,由瑜舍酒店呈现。现为北京2020奥林匹克博览会的财产。




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