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About Me...

I'm a 24 year old cinematography student at CSUN. I was born in Los Angeles, California, but grew up between there and Beijing. I fell in love with filmmaking  at a young age and began making videos whenever I could, getting my little brothers to act in whatever elaborate plots we would dream up. During high school, I began working as a content creator for the YouTube channel, Teens Just Dance, where I directed, shot, and edited choreography videos. I went on to study cinematography at the Beijing Film Academy where I received a certification in cinematography. Now, I am working as a freelancer in Los Angeles, shooting events, music videos, short films, web series, and everything in between as I study cinematography at CSUN. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries!


我是24岁的摄影学生CSUN上学。我在洛杉矶出生,但在北京洛杉矶其间生长。从小对拍视频有挺大的动情,有机会可以拍视频就跟我弟弟们拍梦里的复杂剧情。上高中时,开始跟Teens Just Dance一起合作。导了,拍了,剪了跳舞片子。后来我上了北京电影学院摄影进修班收到进修班证书。现在我在洛杉矶当自由电影者拍事件,MV,短片,网络秀,等,同时上CSUN又学摄影。欢迎来联系!



LA • 北京

Freelance Filmmaker

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